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Superfast Broadband has arrived in Speeton

Superfast North Yorkshire Programme.

The delivery of Superfast Broadband has now reached Speeton.

To check what speed is available to you then please enter your telephone number into the availability checker which can be found here:

The next step is to contact your service provider and place an order with them for fibre optic broadband.

Please note that not all service providers are offering fibre in this area and you may need to use a comparison website to see who is offering the service.  You can do that by entering your postcode on this website: and select the ‘fibre’ tab.

Superfast broadband will help improve access to jobs, allow local companies to compete in the global marketplace, create new opportunities for local people in the way they work, learn and enjoy their leisure time, and help young people make use of educational resources online.

Premises that will not benefit from fibre deployment will be reached with a variety of alternative technologies such as wireless or satellite.

If you have any questions about the roll out of Superfast Broadband to the North Yorkshire region, please contact them directly at:

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