Speed Check for B1229 at Speeton

Through 95 Alive Reighton and Speeton Parish Council asked for a speed survey to be undertaken on the B1229.

The result has now been received.

Speed Survey B1229 The survey was carried out between the 22nd November and the 29th November 2017.  The data was recorded over 24 hours for seven days. The data tubes were placed on the B1229 away from the junctions to enable a true reflection of the approach speeds and volumes to the junctions. Had the data tubes been placed nearer the junctions, the results would have been affected as through traffic would have been slowed by vehicle turning either into Wide Lane or New Road.

During the survey period 11,499 vehicles travelled through the site. 5,873 travelled towards the west whilst 5,626 vehicles travelled towards Bempton.

The overall speeds recorded showed a mean average of 46.8 mph.  This was also the same mean speed as was recorded for drivers travelling towards Reighton. The mean speed for drivers travelling eastwards was 46.4 mph.

On the most up to date injury collision database which is provided by North Yorkshire Police there is one injury collision recorded at the junction.
This took place in March 2015 and looking at the report, was caused by driver error.

The matter of reinstating the rumble strips on the B1229 has been discussed with the Senior Traffic Engineer at County Hall  and the opinion is that there is no justification for the rumble strips to be replaced and that the junction is adequately signed.

22nd January 2018

Posted in Parish News.