Reighton in Bloom

Reighton In Bloom

In 2016 Reighton in Bloom were awarded the coveted "All Muck & Magic" "Best Social Gardeners Award".

At the 2017 awards Reighton in Bloom continued their success by winning the "Best Residential Gardens Award".

You can find out more about the All Muck and Magic Awards here:

Reighton in Bloom Committee contact details:
Lesley Paddock - Chairman
 01723 890028

Paul Riley - Treasurer and Secretary
 01723 890192.

Annual Best Kept Garden Competition
Every year there is a Best Kept Garden or garden feature competition in the village with a presentation night held around September. Sheila Johnson from Scarborough Borough Council co-ordinates the night inclusive of a power point presentation.

The 2017 Best Kept Garden Competition was held on 12th October and the winners were:

Best Overall Garden (Pots, Tubs and Features):
Winner: Sid & Janice Carter, St Helens Cottage, St Helen's Lane

Tallest Sunflower:
Winner: Diana Lawton with 9" 10"
Runner-up: Pat Cross 8' 5"

Special Award for Best Hydrangeas:
Paul Riley, The Paddock

Reighton in Bloom AGMs
The 2017 AGM for Reighton In Bloom was held on 27th April in the Reighton Village Hall at 8.00pm.

The minutes of the meeting can be found here along with copies of previous meeting minutes:
2017 AGM Meeting Minutes
2016 AGM Meeting Minutes
2015 AGM Meeting Minutes
2014 AGM Meeting Minutes

Refreshments are provided at the meetings and all residents are welcome to attend.